Prayer requests and donations

Today the church community is facing new challenges. Since the beginning of the quarantine in March 2020, we have begun to accept prayer requests and donations via the Internet. All the names will be read during the services in our cathedral. To submit such a request, write the names in the form below. In the first field write names of those alive, in the second – of those reposed.

With your donations, the cathedral community can continue to broadcast services online, maintain a choir, sanitize premises, and, if necessary, support the poor.

Donations are accepted to the account (for transactions inside Ukraine):

IBAN: UA473003460000026005093707401
Bank: АТ «АЛЬФА-БАНК». МФО: 300346
Recipient: РО «Ставропігійна релігійна громада Спасо-Преображенського собору в м.Києві»
Recipient’s code (ЄДРПОУ): 43185094

We emphasize that these donations are exclusively voluntary, and if you cannot donate, then write the names anyway, and we will pray for you and your loved ones!