The Cathedral is located in a park area near the lake between Vasylia Kasiyana and Lomonosova streets, close to the residential areas of Liko-Grad and Teremki-2. See the location on the map below.


Mailing address: 3a, Marshala Koneva Str., Kyiv 03191, Ukraine.


Facebook (you may write us a message in English):


By car: follow the link or look up for the address: 6, Marshala Koneva Str. (Favor Park hotel is located here, go left to the building to the parking lot).

On the Google maps:

See larger map

By public transit: go to “Vystavkovy Tsentr” (“Exhibition Centre”) metro station (Blue line), then catch a trolleybus (routes 45, 12), go to the stop “on-demand” near the church, or to the next stop “Vasylia Kasiyana Street”.

By public transit and walk: closest to the church is the metro station “Ipodrom” (“Hippodrome”), approx. 12 mins walking, see the map below:

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  1. I had a question I wanted to ask a Orthodox priest about a lady I’m dating in Kyiv .I live in the United States of America and We have been corresponding through Viber and Skype. I had some questions pertaining to her faith. Can she marry again once she has been divorced? She told me her previous marriage did not take place in the church?
    Thank you Don Wittig

    • Dear Donald,
      Orthodox Church may accept second marriage of its member and provide a church blessing for the ceremony. Usualy, if a divorced person hadn’t been married in a church, the church permission for the second marriage is not required. If a person had a church marriage before, s/he should ask a bishop for the blessing for the second church marriage. Sincerely, priest Andriy

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